Findings on organisation, leadership, and counselling in change

 VUCA or Nothingness

The increasing instability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the world per se – and thus also of the structural conditions to which organisations are exposed – are omnipresent and on everyone’s lips. The so‐​called »VUCA world« and the powerful images it generates have enormous formative power. If it’s up to avant‐​garde front men, however, that’s already an old hat. VUCA was a bad joke compared to what is coming up now: today now everything is »BANI«: Brittle, Anxious, Non‐​linear, Incomprehensible. And so it murmurs towards the apocalypse in excellent self‐​reference and visualised fear of the impending ’nothingness‹: »we’re no longer happily bubbling along, the boiling has begun. …We are in an age of chaos, an era that intensely, almost violently, rejects structure. It isn’t simple instability, it’s a reality that seems to actively resist efforts to understand what the hell is going on.« (Cascio, 2020; see also Grabmeier, 2021).

These and similar slides are part of the indispensable jargon for anyone who wants to be recognised as a connoisseur and have a say in the world of management and its consultancy. They construct and generate a reality within which management action and its consultation take place. – The respective perceived degree of development of their structural environmental factors or the presumption of a total abysmalness, fundamental unpredictability and groundlessness of the world, determine the constructed reality of life of organisations, the leadership system linked to it and – as a relevant part of the arrangement – the leaders linked to it and – not least – the employees linked to them.