The blog »Existential Leadership – Leadership Topics for Thinking Practitioners and Practical Thinkers« is a joint project by Georg Martensen (Braunschweig) and René Märtin (Osnabrück). From an existential perspective, the essence of leadership is examined more closely and consequences for leadership and consulting practice are illuminated. »The essence comes into view as soon as leadership drops the mask of emotional management, shows face in encountering dialogue and responds to questions of being human in organisations.«

Dr. Georg Martensen

Logotherapist/​existential counsellor, supervisor and coach (GLE‑D); studied economics and social psychology; positions in academic teaching, in research and policy consulting, leadership and management; lecturer for organisation, leadership and human resource development at the TU Braunschweig; works as a life, business and executive coach and as a board supervisor.

René Märtin

René Märtin © Carsten Zündorf

René Märtin © Carsten Zündorf

Logotherapist/​existential counsellor, supervisor and coach (GLE‑D); author, lecturer, founder of the German Empowerment Institute; works primarily for executives and teams from associations, politics and administration, municipalities, churches and culture.
r.maertin [at]