From hoarding to triage: the difficult handling of guilt

Strengthen self‐​determination and freedom, live solidarity


Strengthen self‐​determination and freedom, live solidarity

If the vast majority of people behave in a solidary and reasonable manner in the face of the Corona crisis, this shows how strongly the value of solidarity is anchored in our society. But it also raises the question of how strongly the »strong state« should intervene at all. The debate on this should be conducted openly and transparently within society. Here lies the special responsibility of politics not to settle this issue among itself. Also in the sense of logotherapy and existential analysis, the goal should be to encourage people to show self‐​determined, self‐​responsible solidarity and to promote solidary behaviour. Prohibitions and punishments only make sense if they cause great, irreparable damage to the whole. This means being able to endure hoarding and merely contain it by means of social rules of conduct.

It is much more important, however, to bring the performance concept of logotherapy and existential analysis to life more strongly: the ability to perform, the ability to love and the ability to suffer are important keys to overcoming the crisis together, especially in view of the question of suffering, guilt and death. Those who overcome themselves and stand up for others, who are in solidarity with them, experience self‐​efficacy. Experiencing beautiful things, especially in difficult and dark times (nature, art, music …) strengthens the ability to love and give. There is no life without suffering, guilt and death. Therefore, it is also important to develop one’s own capacity for suffering in order to be able to cope with life in the shadow of Corona. And finally, those who help need support and accompaniment. This is especially true for those who have to make the most difficult decisions in the present crisis.

First publication date: 8 April 2020

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