Leadership and loneliness

With increasing leadership responsibility comes the threat of loneliness. Man is not only a social being, as might seem obvious when considering the topic of loneliness. He is a being dependent on relationships in four ways: Relationship to the Umwelt (the physical dimension), to the Mitwelt (the social dimension), to the Eigenwelt (the psychological dimension) and to the Uberwelt (the spiritual/​transcendet dimension). Loneliness poses an existential threat to this »four‐​tones of existence«: In the end, man remains alone in all decisive questions. He is in danger of losing himself, others, and the world. Read »

From hoarding to triage: the difficult handling of guilt

The Coronoa crisis is an existential challenge to us. But how do we respond to the many questions that arise? René Märtin deals with the topic »From hoarding to triage: the difficult handling of guilt«. In particular, it deals with the issue raised by Viktor Frankl of the so‐​called tragic triad of suffering, guilt and death in times of current crisis. Read »