Multiple Diversity – Existential Challenges for Boards and Top Management Teams

In the current debate, the increasing heterogeneity of top bodies (top management teams, supervisory boards, boards of directors) is seen as desirable for very different reasons. – Georg Martensen’s article refers to a profound and just recently voiced critique by Ely & Thomas, who heralded the paradigm shift for diversity 25 years ago. – This gives rise to questions, to which he would like to offer some answers: »In what way can multiple changes at top management level be understood existentially in terms of their effects on organisations? What framework of understanding does existential thinking offer for this, which is at the same time a guideline for action? What contribution must or can the top management team, the board, make here? And what does this require in terms of an understanding of the commonality of being human within organisations and, if necessary, the development of an inner attitude? – And in what way can this path be followed?« Read »