Remote Control – Remarks on Organisation and Leadership in the Covid 19 Crisis

Corona crisis – an agility accelerator …

Just a few weeks before the outbreak of the pandemic, many people in positions of responsibility and probably even more consultants were concerned with whether and how agile working could be realised in companies. The Corona crisis has catapulted us into a new dimension of collaborative working with ›warp drive‹: This now simply requires agility in order to be able to manage it successfully.

Fast and decisive action is required with ›appropriate‹ bureaucracy: the characteristic feature here is that teams make decisions decentrally and independently and work transparently with each other. They use simple, clear rules and tools to ensure direct communication and coordinated procedures, which in turn ensure commitment and decisiveness. And: they work towards a goal that is comprehensible to them.

Those who currently master this form of cooperation are well positioned in times of Corona. We have seen that companies have built up IT structures within a very short time, enabled communication and decision‐​making channels, ensured agile collaboration from the home office and thus remain capable of acting.